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Issue with notifications - ederjagreda - 04-19-2020

Hello guys,

so far I have ve reading tactic docs, and doing some test with tactic api, with the help of some friends here.Thanks for that.

So now, I have been trying to configure notifications, to send an email when a task is assigned to someone, and I am having some errors.
Any help would be really appreciated

First, my mail configuration for testing purposes looks like this:

[Image: sbYAvPw.jpg]

Then I create a test email, but When I run it, I get an invalid sintax error
[Image: Cf39Kxh.jpg]

And lastly just to be sure, I did try to assign a user  for a task, and got this error:
[Image: 3WD5Quy.jpg]



RE: Issue with notifications - remkonoteboom - 04-19-2020

Can you run TACTIC in debug mode:

python startup_dev.py

And post the output. The error presented in javascript popup is a little obscure. The output on the console will actually show the stack trace.

RE: Issue with notifications - ederjagreda - 04-20-2020

thanks for answering,
I am a little embarrassed to admit it, but I need some help to run that script. I don't know if it is relevant, but until I understand better tactic, I am using the docker version.
So I connect via ssh to the container, as root, and when trying to run the script, I have an error, saying that I have to run the script with a user other than root, I tried another user, and I received an error asking me to run the script with the apache user, and well, I don't have the password to log in as that user, and I understand that I shouldn't use that user.

I don't know if I can modify the script and remove this line that blocks the execution:
if os.name != 'nt' and os.getuid() == 0:
        print "You should not run this as root. Run it as the Web server process's user. e.g. apache"

If I can do something else, I would be grateful if you tell me about it, I'm searching on google, but I couldn't find a solution yet.


RE: Issue with notifications - Bassment - 04-20-2020

Try this in your settings:

mailserver : smtp.gmail.com
mail_user: email@gmail.com
mail_password: password
mail_port: 587
mail_tls_enabled: true
mail_sender_disabled: false

Then make sure you unblock less secure apps in gmail.

RE: Issue with notifications - ederjagreda - 04-20-2020

Thank you  for your answers and also to @listy help via telegram. Notifications are already working!!!! 

and welll,here is my report:

1. I had put an email in Email Hanlder Cls which was wrong.

2. I had as Bassment  mentioned, to unblock less secure apps in gmail

Thank you again!!!!!