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TACTIC 4.8 - listy - 04-18-2020

Hi All!

Is there any OTA on when TACTIC 4.8 will be released?
I have noticed that frequent updates of TACTIC stopped on the Git, so it is anything changed in the plans?
Does it because of virus or something?

RE: TACTIC 4.8 - remkonoteboom - 04-19-2020

Well the virus isn't helping and it's slowed things down a bit. Internally, as 4.8 has stabilized, we've been busy porting our products to 4.8, so you wouldn't have seen those commits. Suffice it to say all new development for us is currently on the 4.8 platform. There are a still a bunch of loose ends to clean up (for example, we are still referring to some external libraries over https as we haven't locked down a version yet)

I have been meaning to set the version to beta as there probably won't be any new functionality on 4.8 and it's pretty much all bug fixes from here.

RE: TACTIC 4.8 - Diego - 04-22-2020

Good news, I will try to migrate my installation to 4.8 soon!