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Check-in failed: [ERRNO 1] - Bassment - 04-06-2020

Hi all, I've been playing around with some alias directories.
I'm getting an error when publishing. Check-in failed: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted: '/home/tactic/data000/preview/TEST_PUBLISH/scene.mov'
The files are being uploaded to the correct directory and then this error pops. 
It also leaves a temp file in the "assets/uploads" directory. If you try to republish it says the file already exists and doesn't re upload it.
I only get this error when publishing to the alias directories, publishing to the base directory works fine.
Any ideas?

RE: Check-in failed: [ERRNO 1] - listy - 04-07-2020

You need to be sure TACTIC has access to this folder. Try to access it through script editor first

RE: Check-in failed: [ERRNO 1] - Bassment - 04-07-2020

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I assume it has access to the folder because it writes the file to it no?
I was thinking that something happens after the file is created in the folder and that's what causes the error but I'm not sure.
When I publish to the base directory it creates the file in the temporary "uploads" folder, and then it gets written to the folder that it's supposed to go into and the temp file gets deleted.
When publishing to the alias directory it creates the temp file and then it gets written to the folder that it's supposed to go into, but then the error pops and the file in the temp folder doesn't get deleted and it also doesn't get entered into the database.
I'm wondering if it has something to do with the thumbnail generating process or maybe it can't delete the temp file and that's what's causing it.  Huh

RE: Check-in failed: [ERRNO 1] - remkonoteboom - 01-16-2021

This error: "[Errno 1] Operation not permitted" is a low level python error that is raised whenever a program tries to do something that the user (in this case "tactic" is not permitted to do. It is always a file systems permissions error.

Because any file operation can cause this error, we can't tell where it is coming from just by this error message. We would need the stack trace on the server. You can get this either by running TACTIC in dev mode (using startup_dev.py) or looking in the exception log in the sthpw database.

If you post this server stack trace, we can get a better error message that the base python one.

RE: Check-in failed: [ERRNO 1] - Bassment - 01-25-2021

Hi Remko, thanks for replying. This was actually figured out but I didn't update the thread.
We had created two Tactic installs, one was an early "trying it out" version on a tower and once we implemented it on our server we had built it from scratch under a different account and forgot that we had changed the name of the tactic user for access to the folder. Basically we were giving the old user access not the current one.