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User Security Issues - swamiforlife - 02-01-2020

I have created 2 projects from the VFX template.
I have created 3 groups with 2 users in each group.
Group C - has been give Min as the access level option. And has permission for 1 project only.
When a user from Group C logins they get a screen same as the main admin with options to edit the users and groups and Configuration for the project.
I dont want the normal users to be able to edit other user data.
How can i block this?
I have attached an image of the page that users get when they login for your reference.

RE: User Security Issues - swamiforlife - 02-05-2020

Any way i can change what screen the users first see when they open the project?

RE: User Security Issues - remkonoteboom - 02-06-2020

In the login_group table, there is a column called "start_link". This will point to the "Custom URL" entry (found under Project Essentials).

By default everyone will see "/index" which can be overridden if you wish (this is what you would do if you build a completely custom interface). The value for the "widget" column would look something like:

<display class="tactic.ui.panel.CustomLayoutWdg">

As you can see, it can be any widget or any view. If you don't want to use a custom view, but just point them to another sidebar item, you can do create a new entry such as "/user", set that in the login_group table and have the widget look like:

<element use_index="true">
<display class='spt.tactic.ui.panel.HashPanelWdg'>

We haven't really used this in a while because we completely override /index and handle the group logic ourselves in Python.

RE: User Security Issues - swamiforlife - 02-07-2020

Sorry but i can't find where the login_group table is, can you point me to where i can edit that table.

RE: User Security Issues - listy - 02-08-2020

It is in Global > Groups.
Don't forget to enable "Start Link" column in column manager. (right click on the table header)

RE: User Security Issues - swamiforlife - 02-08-2020

Thank you very much, that was the last thing i needed. Now i can use Tactic in production.
@remkonoteboom - Thanks for all your help also. I think Tactic is a great product that many people dont know about.