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Error Adding Users - swamiforlife - 01-31-2020

I have setup Tactic from the RPM file from the Tactic Website on Fedora 30.
Installation i think went smoothly.
After logging into Tactic as Admin for the first time. The first thing i do is try to create a user and when i click on save i get the following error in a popup window

Error: Search type [sthpw/change_timestamp] not registered
Try again?

I get the same error when i try to create a group or a new project also. What could be the problem?

I have installed according to the documentation link in the RPM download section.

RE: Error Adding Users - remkonoteboom - 02-04-2020

This is a strange error to have as this table has been in TACTIC for a long time. It would mean that you don't have the search type registered in the "search_object" table in the "sthpw".

You can look at the search object table in the admin side bar under Schema Views / Global. Search for the change_timestamp table.
You can also try to run the upgrade_db script

python3 upgrade_db.py -f

This will upgrade the database to the current version.

If that doesn't work, then you can manually set the database to an older version:

psql -U postgres sthpw

sthpw=# select code, last_version_update from project;

This will show a list of the projects and their database version. Downgrade the version for "sthpw" to something older

sthpw=# update project set last_version_update = '4.0.0.a01' where code = 'sthpw';

And then run from the shell

python3 upgrade_db.py -f

You will see a lot of output warnings. Ignore them. They are just the database complaining about adding columns that already exist and others.
It should work after that.