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Checkin Java Applet - dankitchen - 01-21-2020

I am wondering about the current state of check-in/check-out with the lack of Java support in Chrome.  I recall there was support for html5?  I also remember that there was a way to use the Tactic team browser to connect to an online service as another way to get around Java issues. 

Ideally, I would like to be able to execute a very simple checking (even from a custom layout) and also to check out files and pop up the explorer to the sandbox location.

I am using the latest Tactic 4.7


RE: Checkin Java Applet - remkonoteboom - 01-21-2020

Use tactic.ui.tools.IngestUploadWg

Java on the browser is effectively dead. Don't bother with it because it is way too much trouble to set up and we abandoned it years ago because of this. The above tool is an multi-ingest widget using HTML5 and has quite a lot of configuration options. We use it on our products.

RE: Checkin Java Applet - dankitchen - 01-22-2020

Great, seems to do the trick, I did figure out that I can pass a search key and a process option to simplify the UI overall.

Is there an option to hide or make the drop window smaller. I would be using this for a very basic checkin of a pdf file.

Is there a place in the code where I can see the JS code used in the context menu "Check in new file" option from the tableWdg? I might want to introduce a really simple checkin button as it's just a user submitting a pdf. I found some code in base_table_layout_wdg.py but it seems to be trying to use the applet?

RE: Checkin Java Applet - remkonoteboom - 01-23-2020


RE: Checkin Java Applet - dankitchen - 01-23-2020