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Shelf Contents - Bassment - 01-15-2020

Hello Tactic gang, I have been using Tactic on and off for a number of years but have never tried to alter any of the UI to make custom views and whatnot until now.
I've been trying to figure out how to change the search tools  in the shelf or at least be able to set the type of things you can search for in the custom search drop down.
So my question is this: What determines what is displayed in the shelf and can it be changed in css or html or is it in an xml somewhere?
Same goes for the dropdown advanced search menu, can this be changed to only display specific search criteria?
Basically I'm trying to either put a few fields to seach in the shelf or change what is in the custom search options. I'm sure it must be possible because I can see that the criteria is different depending on what view I'm in.
I've been searching a lot of the config and xml files etc looking for anything that could be related but can't find anything.
See attached for what I'm getting at.
Any help would be appreciated.

RE: Shelf Contents - remkonoteboom - 01-16-2020

The wrapper class that usually draws this is "src/tactic/ui/panel/ViewPanelWdg". This is usually invoke in Python as:

from tactic.ui.panel import ViewPanelWdg
layout = ViewPanelWdg(search_type, **kwargs)

Now there are a lot of options that can go into kwargs and various parts of the interface can be hidden for specific views. The advanced search can be hidden by invoking:

kwargs = {
show_advanced_search: False

This can also translated into a custom view in the html as such:

<display class="tactic.ui.panel.CustomLayoutWdg">

So it really depends what is actually invoking this view. I can also tell you are using some older version of TACTIC ... maybe 4.5. To have multiple search criteria, in 4.5, we used something called a simple search, which was a basic layout of a bunch of filters.

A lot has changed in newer versions in terms of configuration, where we have basically started to merge the simple search and advanced search, allowing custom filters to be mixed in with the general filters.

RE: Shelf Contents - Bassment - 01-18-2020

Thanks for the response, I've begun to have a look at this to see what I can figure out this wekend. .
You're correct, I'm on 4.5 as I haven't been sure how to update to 4.7 without breaking something. It was originally setup by someone that isn't in the office any longer unfortunately.