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Can Project have multiple repos? - listy - 12-03-2019

Hi Everyone!

We have a tactic server with pretty much small hard drive. This drive will not fit all sequenced and other production files. Alternatively, I planned to make a separate mounts that would upload the files into the cloud, which would be slower, but could be much larger capacity.
(i know there is Repo Handler Class in the projects, but not found how to use it, or any example)
(may be i should fork BaseRepoHandler and write my own)
(looks like SampleRepoHandler is pretty much clear, may be i should add some prodSettings to project, and create simple repoHandler to test it)
For example:
When i commit files to SEQUENCES process in the naming (or wherever possible) it will point files to a different repo.
base_repo - /assets
remote_repo - /sequences

Does this possible?

I already thought about pushing trigger after checkin and move files to the different mounted path, but it will then not be accessible from tactic.

Hope you understand what i trying to ask  Undecided

Thanks, Bye!

RE: Can Project have multiple repos? - remkonoteboom - 12-03-2019

You can point to different mounts with "base_dir_alias".  You define all of your root folders for assets in your config file as a json dict:

            "assets1": "/assets1",
            "assets2": "/assets2",

And then in the naming table, you set the naming convention column "base_dir_alias" to point to one of the defined aliases.  Files will automatically be checked into the corresponding root folder.

The url for the asset will contain the base_dir_alias, so you will have to make Apache (or whatever web server your are using) is aware of the new directories.  Below is an example of what you will need to add to the apache config file:

<Directory "/assets1" >
    Options FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride None
    Order Allow,Deny
    Allow from All
    # Apache 2.4
    Require all granted

ProxyPass /assets1 !
Alias /assets1 /assets1

Of course, if you use Linux, you could just use symbolic links ...

RE: Can Project have multiple repos? - listy - 12-04-2019

Thank You Remko!
This is exactly what i need!
There could't be more elegant realisation than this.

I thought about "base_dir_alias" in the naming, but did not found a way how to use it.