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DropElementWdg Issue - Tactic 4.9 - JimmyMcNulty - 03-23-2023


for some reason the DropElementWdg in a shot planner view does not work for us with Tactic 4.9 - In a vfx template style project.

Issue: An asset can be dropped and will be registered as added, but after saving the changes, it will just disappear.

On top sometimes a message appears, that the drop only accepts drops from vfx/asset - the dropped elements are vfx/asset elements. Drop the asset again normally behaves like described above.

The XML code of the asset drop column looks like this:

<element name="asset_drop" width="191px" edit="false">
  <display class="tactic.ui.table.DropElementWdg">
  <action class="tactic.ui.table.DropElementAction">

The whole behavior looks similar to a bug from earlier Tactic versions, where saving the column definition could delete the action class section from the definition. But:

<action class="tactic.ui.table.DropElementAction">

stays in the definition.

There is a many-to-many connection between shot and asset in place.

Does anybody have an idea why this is happening? Did I miss a change for this kind of action for Tactic 4.9?

Thank you in advance.

RE: DropElementWdg Issue - Tactic 4.9 - lutachoatics - 06-22-2023

Hello, Are you still stuck or did you found a workaround to get this element published?
frustrationwise i'm related to your post.
I installed Tactic 2 times in the past, trying to make a "sh00grid like" vfx manager. = create shots , assets, publish MOV, thumbnails and setup a digital asset manager
but i broke stuff in tactic like you mention here. It was very unstable and i have been stuck, and i finally uninstalled tactic.
But I will give it another try this year. I hope to get some answer if i ll get stuck again.