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Behavior: how to get selected elements from 'ViewPanelWdg'/'TableLayoutWdg'? - stefanovilla - 08-16-2022

Hello there,
I've been working on a custom widget, extended from class 'BaseRefreshWdg'.
It has two areas: on the left there's a list of existing entities. On the right there'll be details and stuff related to selected items.
Items are selected by checking the checkbox on the left of the ViewPanel/TableLayout.

I've created the left div using 'ViewPanelWdg' (or 'TableLayoutWdg') and I've tried to add a new behavior which should get the list of selected items and pass them, within kwargs, to the right div.

And that is where I got stuck, as I know basically nothing of JS and I couldn't find any example on how to get a list of all search_keys whose checkbox is set.
Any suggestions?
Many thanks, regards,

episode_div =  TableLayoutWdg(search_type='{}/episode'.format(project_code), view='super_basic')
behavior['project_code'] = project_code

episode_list_div = DivWdg()

behavior = {'type': 'click',

            'cbjs_action': '''
                            let value = bvr.src_el.value;
                            let top = bvr.src_el.getParent(".system_top");
                            let episode_stuff = top.getElement(".episode_stuff");
                            let filter = spt.api.get_input_values( episode_stuff );
                              let search_keys = ""
                              //let episode_listing = top.getElement(".episode_listing");
                            //search_keys = spt.dg_table.get_selected_search_keys(episode_listing);
                            let kwargs = {
                                search_keys : search_keys,
                                project_code : bvr.project_code,
                                category_filter: "3",
                                filter: filter
                            spt.panel.load(episode_stuff, "PreProductionAssemblyWdg.PreProductionAssemblyListWdg", kwargs);