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Landing page - Nachogor - 08-06-2021

Hi Guys!

I would like to change the first page after selecting the project, to be what I can now see in EXAMPLE /Dashboards / My Dashboard. Where are those files?
Would it be possible to have a different starting page for users with different levels of security or different groups?

Thanks in advanced!

RE: Landing page - Diego - 10-11-2021

/Dashboards / My Dashboard are just "custom URLs"

If you go to Custom  Layout -> Menu Link Actions (two chain links icon) -> Show custom URLs youl see "/dashborad" and the corresponding XML description

Groups have a "start_link" column wich is not shown but you can add it with the column manager, it should accept a custom URL 
I never tryed it but reading the code seems it should work

One other way is to change the get_start_link() method after subclassing BootstrapIndexWdg check src/plugins/TACTIC/vfx/lib/index_wdg.py on how the VFX plugin does it.
In there you could check the user group and return an appropriate start link

RE: Landing page - Nachogor - 10-13-2021

Thanks Diego!