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RE: Loading Tweak RV - remkonoteboom - 07-19-2021

Yes, you can pasted it in the HTML of the custom layout editor.  You need to use a snapshot search_key that contains an image or file (the example is one that I had in my database).

You can also open it up in javascript popup using:

let class_name = "tactic.ui.tools.ReviewWdg";
let kwargs = { search_key: search_key };
spt.panel.load_popup("Review Tool", class_name, kwargs);

Or put the above html in a custom layout or custom button in a table and open up that view.

let class_name = "tactic.ui.panel.CustomLayoutWdg";
let kwargs = { view: view };
spt.panel.load_popup("Review Tool", class_name, kwargs);

So, far, I have added the code to the TACTIC open source core code, but we have not added it anywhere in the default VFX template.  This will come.