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DropElementWdg in 4.8 - dankitchen - 02-10-2021

I have a project where a planner view with the DropElementWdg or widget="drop_item" works in 4.7 but, when I switch to 4.8 I am trouble using it.

The issue seems to be more in that I can't select the items I want to drag and drag them. So it is possible that the drop item column in the destination table is fine, it just the ability to drag items.

Outside of this, I am really liking the 4.8 UI overhaul!


To further this, I think the problem seems to be that the checkbox column is too small in that you cant grab on the part that initiates the drag. I created a custom layout column to replace my standard name column with a height of 30px which forces the table row to be a bit taller, now it allows me to select and drag the columns.