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TACTIC in VFX production - 2-REC - 01-26-2021

Hello all,

I am new here and a new TACTIC user.
This product is really interesting and seems very powerful.

I am planning to use TACTIC Open Source in production (for VFX), and would like to know which version I should use.

On the downloads page, each distribution uses a different version.

I have tried both 4.7.0.b02 and 4.8.0.b04 using the VM images.
From what I have seen, version 4.8 is not ready yet (missing features), but version 4.7 seems stable and functional.
(I like the VFX plugin in version 4.8 though)

Is version 4.7.0.b02 a good version to use in a professional environment?
Or should I use an older version?

Thank you in advance.

PS: I am a developer, and would be happy to contribute to the development of TACTIC.

RE: TACTIC in VFX production - Nachogor - 01-26-2021

Hi 2-Rec!

We are a VFX studio using Tactic 4.5 for some time and we are quite happy. We did our own version of project based on VFX example.
Now we are planning moving to 4.8 these days. Still starting to move it. BTW what missing features are you worried about?

Welcome to this amazing forum!

RE: TACTIC in VFX production - 2-REC - 01-26-2021

Hello Nacho,

Thank you for the quick reply!

After posting my question, I found a post also mentionning that version 4.5 was good for VFX.
But I was a bit worried that it was quite old (and thus also lacking of support if required).

I will try with that version and see how it goes.

About version 4.8, I only did some basic tests with the VM install.
An example of a missing feature I found was when you want to create a new trigger (from the "configuration" tab, in the trigger column of a search item).
The Trigger widget opens, in which you have the "+" button to open another widget to create a new trigger.
When you select the type of trigger (combo at the bottom of the widget), nothing happens and you only have the "script editor" button.
1. I could not find a way to select a script to apply to the trigger (even from within the editor)
2. I looked in the source code to see what was going on, and found that the code for the widget was commented/removed (basically it exits the function without executing the code below that would generate the equivalent of the script editor within the same widget, and allowing to set/select the script)

Sorry for the bad explanation, I don't have it here in front of me, so can't be very precise. To simplify, you can see in the code that the development is not finished and that some features are still to do.
Also, from what I saw, a lot of UI elements are not properly displayed (missing buttons, icons, etc).

I really like vesion 4.8 and would love to use it, but it doesn't seem ready yet.
I will try to contribute if I can help.

Thanks again! Smile