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DumpDB crashes Home Page - Nachogor - 01-22-2021

Hi guys!

I did a DB dump as suggested in Backup documents, but used for a different porpouse, I used it to move projects from the 4.5 version to the 4.8, but the dump overwrites all even admin's password.

The biggest problem is after it I can access the projects by hand writting //192.168.x.x/tactic/projectname, but //192.168.x.x/tactic/ sends an error 404

pg_dumpall -U postgres -c > tacticDatabase.sql
psql -U postgres < tacticDatabase.sql
Any ideas?


RE: DumpDB crashes Home Page - remkonoteboom - 01-24-2021

There may be database schema changes from 4.5 to 4.8. Did you run the upgrade script for the db?

cd <INSTALL_DIR>/src/bin

python update_db.py -f

That should clear up any differences between 4.5 and 4.8.

Also, make sure that the target database is *completely* empty. Doing that dump will export everything, including database definitions, table definitions and data. If there is anything in the database, then I believe it will try to merge it somehow, with a lot of the SQL statements failing.

Go into the database and make sure there are no project database and the "sthpw" database is also delete. Only the postgresql default databases can be left. Then import the data and then run the update script as detailed above.

RE: DumpDB crashes Home Page - Nachogor - 01-25-2021

I had a mix of all the possible errors you mentioned!!! Thanks!