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ElementWdg Edit error - Nachogor - 01-21-2021

Hi guys,

Just in case before submitting a bug wanted to check it´s not an error on my side.

I´m using the same column definition I used in 4.5 with 4.8 and I receive an error message.

The Column Definition has these Values 1|2|3|4|5 in Options sector inside Edit Tab

ElementWdg' object has no attribute 'jsityf'

  File "/opt/tactic/tactic/src/tactic/ui/panel/table_layout_wdg.py", line 3528, in handle_row
    html = widget.get_buffer_display()
  File "/opt/tactic/tactic/src/pyasm/web/widget.py", line 486, in get_buffer_display
    buffer = self.get_buffer(cls)
  File "/opt/tactic/tactic/src/pyasm/web/widget.py", line 477, in get_buffer
  File "/opt/tactic/tactic/src/pyasm/web/widget.py", line 435, in explicit_display
    child = self.get_display()
  File "/opt/tactic/tactic/src/tactic/ui/table/format_element_wdg.py", line 127, in get_display
    if not self.jsityf:



RE: ElementWdg Edit error - Diego - 01-22-2021

You are right, It's a typo in format_element_wdg.py, I just submitted a pull request to correct it.

RE: ElementWdg Edit error - Nachogor - 01-22-2021

Thanks Diego!!!