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get_snapshot after simple checkin - dankitchen - 12-07-2020

I am setting up a basic table where I have used the right-click on the thumbnail to use "check-in new file".  After this, it creates a checkin context of "publish/<FILENAME>".

I want to use the api to get the path to this file but unless I specify the exact context it used, I cannot retrieve the snapshot. I am sure I am missing something simple.

Is there an option to provide a wildcard in the context in the function call?  I did also try just setting process="publish" but that did not seem to help.

Thanks in advance!

Of course right after I posted I tried the process="publish" again and it worked.....must have been someting simple

RE: get_snapshot after simple checkin - remkonoteboom - 12-08-2020

The api call simple checkin should already return the snapshot

snapshot = server.simple_checkin(...)