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Best Hosting Reccommendation - dankitchen - 11-24-2020

Hi Tactic Community!

I wanted to reach out to see what the current consensus is for hosting a Tactic install?  I have experience and installs running on AWS (powerful but unnecessarily complex) google cloud compute (not too bad but google loves to rearrange their backend monthly it seems).  

I am looking at Digital Ocean as another potential option (centos droplet?) or ideally something as close to a managed hosting as possible :-)  I see Southpaw offers Microsoft Azure as an option as well or the Tactic portal.  One thing is that although historically I have been able to do most things through the Tactic interface development-wise, I do still need the ability to add additional Python libraries (for example)

Figured this may drum up some good discussion  Wink

Have a great night!

RE: Best Hosting Reccommendation - dankitchen - 11-24-2020

Just to add to this, I gave Digital Ocean a quick try and it was very easy to set up compared to AWS or Google Cloud. I used a CentOS 7 droplet and was able to get installed without much trouble.