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Screening Room - Bassment - 11-05-2020

Hello all, I'm trying to create a view for reviewing multiple shots at one time.
Simple function would be to select multiple shots from a list or tile view and play them in order. Currently I can only play one at a time and it makes it difficult to check hookups and continuity without pulling everything down and loading into a playlist or editing software.
Has anyone done this?

RE: Screening Room - listy - 11-10-2020

Looks like not an easy task.
You want single timeline for all shots stacked or play them in playlist?
Have you looked at https://github.com/videojs/video.js?

RE: Screening Room - Bassment - 11-10-2020

Yeah, like a playlist that has a selection or group of shots from a sequence. Right now I manually download the shots and drop them into a playlist to see how they hook up. It'd be much quicker to select the shots and either drag to a player window or click a button to load them into a player. I'll have a look at the Git and see if I can find something that helps. Thanks for the link.