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Column Properties - Bassment - 10-15-2020

Hi all, I'm looking to display the column contents from search type to another.
The end result is that I have scenes listed for animation,FX etc but I have a separate view that lists Plates and BGs.
I'd like to show a column from the BGs list in the view for the scenes.
I've tried linking the two in the project schema using the columns as the relationship, and also tried using the @GET function for the column I'm trying to display but I don't think I'm doing it right.

RE: Column Properties - listy - 10-17-2020

Can You show a picture, how would you like it to look?

RE: Column Properties - Bassment - 10-20-2020

Hi Listy, not sure how to demonstrate this effectively because I haven't created the view yet.

Attached is a jpg of what I'm trying to achieve.

I'm using the shot view from VFX template as an example so ignore the different naming conventions in the scene names. Assume that these are from the same project.

Instead of what is inthe "plates" column I'd like to display the info in a column from a different view.

We have a search type named layout in sequence, that has a view which displays scene names for backgrounds and the scenes each one appears in as reuse.

I'd like these names to be displayed in the shots view. both of these search types are related in the schema but I don't know how to display the info from the BG view in the shot view

Hope this makes sense.

RE: Column Properties - listy - 10-21-2020

You can achieve this by using "Expression column'