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Tactic 4.8 on CentOS 8 - tushar_soni - 07-25-2020

I am planning to install Tactic 4.8.0.b03 on CentOS 8.
Anybody has any experience with this.
I hope installation procedure will remain same as CentOS 7.

CentOS 8 comes with Nginx, can Tactic 4.8 work with Nginx?
If yes, any special configuration guideline for Nginx?


RE: Tactic 4.8 on CentOS 8 - Bob.K - 07-25-2020


I was tring to install tacic on CentOS 8 with the same instructions i wrote for CentOS 7.....i actually wasn't successfull.
But i think it shouldn't be that hard to figure it out

I'm not sure if Tactic runs with Nginx, just install apache to make things easier ;-)

here you can find the instruction for tactic 4.7 on CentOS 7 http://forum.southpawtech.com/showthread.php?tid=90

RE: Tactic 4.8 on CentOS 8 - tushar_soni - 07-26-2020

Thanks Bob. I will not take any risk to try it with Centos 8. Will go ahead with 7 and apache only after your feedback :-)
Currently I want to be on a safer side as I am new to Tactic, Python etc.

RE: Tactic 4.8 on CentOS 8 - remkonoteboom - 07-27-2020

It should be possible to run TACTIC behind nginx. To be honest, we have never had a reason to try, so it's a bit of an unkown.

We have run TACTIC behind Windows IIS. The only real requirement is that the web server is able to reverse proxy a request to the TACTIC. This comes with passing a few environment variables to the TACTIC services, however, given the widespread use of Apache, I wouldn't be surprised if nginx didn't match those environment variables on a reverse proxy to make porting as seamless as possible.