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RE: Upgrading Tactic VM - remkonoteboom - 07-27-2020

I have just fixed the workflow issue when creating a new Search Type:


For those interested, the text elements were not being picked up, so the data for the process was not being sent to the server causing TACTIC to create an empty pipeline.

This fixed is merged into the latest 4.8.

RE: Upgrading Tactic VM - remkonoteboom - 07-27-2020

There are a lot of little issues flying around this thread and it's getting a little confusing. I suggest if there is an error somewhere that needs to be discussed, please feel free to create a new thread on that topic. This will allows us discuss the issues individually and fix them accordingly.

As for this particular issue:

(1) creating a task dialog box is almost transparent

This has been fixed in:


and has been merged in the latest 4.8.

The default theme is very old, looks dated and should be ported to the newer UI with the new bootstrap sidebar. I will create an issue in Github specifically for this.