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TACTIC Community Articles - remkonoteboom - 07-09-2020

I have added a new section to the community site for articles about TACTIC Open Source and can be access from the Community header.  The direct link is:


These articles are meant to help people better understand how to use and integrate with TACTIC.  You will find a collection of articles and documents that will provide some more in depth explanation and description of various parts of TACTIC. I have also added some older articles that were hanging around in various places which are now to be centralized here.

Much of it is currently highly technical, catering towards people either developing with TACTIC code or using its API.  However, it shouldn't be limited to that so suggestions of topics are welcome.  Of course, if you wish to contribute an article on a TACTIC which you have good knowledge of and think it will help other use TACTIC better, then please submit by emailing to: contact@southpawtech.com.  If you wish, please send us your name and a link to an appropriate website so we can credit you appropriately.

RE: TACTIC Community Articles - listy - 07-09-2020

I was just started reading about "why not use git/perforce", but then it's gone Sad