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TACTIC to maya , need Help ... - babuS7 - 06-30-2020


i am new "TACTIC 4.5 team" user, just only trying understand what and how works, 

1. is it possible to connect TACTIC to Maya and how??

2. Can Maya connect to TACTIC like working with assets

3. where can i find good documentation about pipeline TACTIC and MAYA

thanx )

RE: TACTIC to maya , need Help ... - listy - 06-30-2020

As far as i know there is no ready for install and use solutions for Maya.
There is a VFX template for TACTIC. The last version of this template is on Gitgub, with version 4.8. The problem is - there is no TACTIC team for 4.8 and python3. But You can download VM With Tactic 4.7 somwhere on the forums and update it to latest 4.8 with help of DOCs.
To connect TACTIC with maya You can use xmlrpc api provided with TACTIC it is well documented, but not so easy to start without knowing how TACTIC internally works (terms like SObject, SType, DB structures).
Another thing i can share with You is TACTIC Handler: https://github.com/listyque/TACTIC-Handler
It is not official Software, and not related to SOUTHPAW, but completely built around TACTIC. I am trying to support TACTIC versions from 4.5 to 4.8.
Hope it helped! Bye

RE: TACTIC to maya , need Help ... - babuS7 - 07-01-2020

thank you Alexey
i have TACTIC 4.5 and testing VFX template, i cannot run Tactic 4.8 Enterprise version i am just beginer