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Cloud Tactic with Intranet Tactic - Nachogor - 06-25-2020

Hi Guys!

Right now we use a VM Tactic 4.5 and access to it from intranet computers, which have NO internet access, NO usb,etc.. due to NDAs. After covid we are needing to have also an online version of it. We want to understand which options we might face:

1. VPN to access the intranet for each user.
2. Find a way to have a 2nd tactic on the cloud and connect it our Local, access our local DB and sync assets (assets for us right now are only the preview thumbnails)
3. The same but being the cloud the one holding the DB.
4. Any better ideas you might tell me about Big Grin 

Anyone has been dealing with a similar situation?

Thanks in advanced!

RE: Cloud Tactic with Intranet Tactic - remkonoteboom - 06-27-2020

Until recently, VPN has been the way to go for access to internal systems since there often wasn't a lot of people that required it and it wasn't so difficult for IT to manage the security related to that (although, like your situation, many film companies even deny this for fear of leaking any imagery). With COVID-19, there are likely going go be big changes to the way production is done in general. Managing VPN access for everyone may be a bit of a nightmare to manage. And it kind of gets around the whole reason for not having internet on those desktop machines in the first place.

You could have an external TACTIC server which is on the internet that uses the same internal database (whether directly connected or using replication) but access a different folder for the actual assets files. The external server would only have a subset of the files that a user may need to download. When a file is checked in, it goes to the external server asset folder and a watch folder process moves it to the appropriate place on the internal server and deletes it immediately.

The tricky part with this is how to determine what files a user will need to download. They may have a UI button that says "Copy to external server" or something. This will really depend on your needs. The advantage of this is that if the external server is ever compromised, they will not have access to all the internal files. Again, this will all depend on your specific security requirements.

RE: Cloud Tactic with Intranet Tactic - Diego - 06-27-2020

We use three configurations:

1 - Remote desktop (nomachine NX and RDP) via VPN for those who work with big amount of data like lighters/compositors, these users have a custom "dashboard" integrated in maya and nuke to browse task/notes/checkin/checkout

2 - VPN for storyboarders and modelers, these users can use the custom dashboard but they can also checkin/checkout via tactic web views. The VPN software is OpenVPN with in a roadwarriors configuration with SSL certificates.

3 - Web access for production people, tactic is behind an authenticating reverse proxy for improved security, users have to login on the proxy first and then they have access to tactic. The reverse proxy is apache which authenticates to an active directory

We also use:
- Roundcube for mail and shared calendars
- RocketChat, an opensource chat server similar to slack, for communication and coordination
- NextCloud with Collabora Online (libreoffice online) to edit office documents, transfer data and sync folders
- Gitea as git interface for development

Everything authenticates via ldap to the Active Directory server (all other servers and few workstation run Linux)

RE: Cloud Tactic with Intranet Tactic - Nachogor - 06-30-2020


Thanks very much! I´m still analyzing all the information you sent. THANKS A LOT!!!!

Wanna Discuss Something - MarissaHung - 09-22-2020

I want to discuss something related to this forum, i am new here and i want to know the rules of this forum. Can anybody tell me about this?

Discussion about this forum - MarissaHung - 09-24-2020

What type of topics can be posted here, what things we can post in off-topic boards?

RE: Discussion about this forum - listy - 09-24-2020

(09-24-2020, 01:46 PM)MarissaHung Wrote: What type of topics can be posted here, what things we can post in off-topic boards?
Nothing stops You from creating your personal welcoming thread

RE: Cloud Tactic with Intranet Tactic - remkonoteboom - 09-25-2020

This forum is for discussions about TACTIC. For more information, please refer to: