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Category and Type - Dag - 06-15-2020


I need an advice about the asset type and asset category. What is the common usage of this two fields?
I wanted to set it as follow:
Category - Vehicle
Type - Airplane

for e.g. is this the "good" way to set it or what is the proper way to use it?

Thank you all!

RE: Category and Type - remkonoteboom - 06-15-2020

Although my definition is flexible, the general rule is that "type" is a strict field limited to a small number of options which can be presented in a search filter as a drop down and represents the property of an sType. Category has been used to be more of an organizing field and is usually more freeform.

An example:

Type: vehicle, prop, character
Categories: Industrial, Military, Scientific, etc

Note that any of the types can fit in any of the categories.

Sometimes, in certain large libraries, we have used sub-categories separate by "/"

ie: Industrial/Vehicle

However, much of that has been replace by collections which has this built-in, so we don't really use category all that much anymore. However, I don't think collections have ever been set up in the VFX data model.

RE: Category and Type - Dag - 06-15-2020

Thank you!