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DiscussionWdg - listy - 06-12-2020

Anybody knows how to expand width of discussion widget? Or may be open it to full size.
Or add it as a expanded element widget?

RE: DiscussionWdg - remkonoteboom - 06-12-2020

There is a mode that makes it a popup.


RE: DiscussionWdg - listy - 06-12-2020

Ok Thanks. I found the height and width parameters are hardcoded!

RE: DiscussionWdg - remkonoteboom - 06-13-2020

Yikes. Not good. For now, I created an issue on Github. I have a short term fix for this here:


It sets it to the percentage of the screen (still hard coded at 75%). This could be made configurable at some point.