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Task Status Workflow - Nachogor - 06-04-2020

Hi all!

For earlier versions I Task Status Workflow defined for each task directly in the pipeline such as:
<process name="Referencias" type="manual" xpos="100" ypos="100" task_pipeline="Lasp_Status_01"/>

Now I can see it changed to Process Tab, and it`s defined in Workflow.

What`s the best practice to have all my processes pointing to Lasp_Status, which is my Status pipeline? Right now I´m creating the project from 2 plugins in the exact same way VFX plugins.


RE: Task Status Workflow - remkonoteboom - 06-04-2020

We having moving a lot of data out of the XML definition of the workflow and putting it in the process table. This gives us "room" to add a lot more data, especially since process table has a jsonb "workflow" column which is where we now store all of the settings for node. It was just becoming way to unwieldy to store in a single xml document, especially since we were seeing workflows with 100+ nodes in them.

Specifically for status pipelines, Diego has a pull request, which he is still working on that updates the saving of the data from status nodes.


RE: Task Status Workflow - Nachogor - 06-05-2020

Thanks Remko!
Is it possible to change the json information so the default is pointed directly to my custom status? In this case where is this json located?

RE: Task Status Workflow - remkonoteboom - 06-05-2020

Yes, the task pipeline code can be stored in the json.  It is the spt_process table (config/process) in a jsonb column called "workflow"

    properties: {
        task_pipeline: <TASK_PIPELINE_CODE>

You can add any of the properties found in the properties here.  This is how you do it manually.  The workflow editor should save this information here when set in the properties of a "manual" node.

RE: Task Status Workflow - Nachogor - 06-09-2020

Thanks Remko! Anyway I think I'm missing something. There I can explicit in the jsonb column the pipeline for each code, but is there any way to replace the default pipeline code for a whole project?

If not I'll insert.set_value('workflow for each node in the in the config_process.spt in the plugin


RE: Task Status Workflow - remkonoteboom - 06-09-2020

Yes, I believe that you can create a pipeline with a code = "task" and search_type = "sthpw/task" and this will replace the hard coded one in the source code.

RE: Task Status Workflow - listy - 06-10-2020

What About "tactic.ui.table.TaskElementWdg"

Does this also deprecated? Because it uses labes, colors, assigned and etc from Pipelines table in xml format

RE: Task Status Workflow - remkonoteboom - 06-10-2020

No, it's not deprecated. However, it is possible that there are issues. If there are, please post it.

RE: Task Status Workflow - Nachogor - 06-11-2020

Thanks guys, couldn´t find where in the TaskElementWdg.py I should replace the default status pipeline
Overwriting the task code, or just adding the value workflow in the plugin definition seem to work ok.