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Network share - Dag - 06-03-2020


I set the asset folder to a network share and get now an error when I want to set e.g. preview image.
[Errno 1] Operation not permitted: '/media/assets/temp/9c7f26141c0140b96ba/Picture.png'

Curious is it will be created on the share but the image will not be displayed

The mount I made in the /etc/fstab

//server/share/TACTIC  /media/asset cifs username=xxxxx,password=yyyyy,uid=998,pid=998,dir_mode=0777,file_mode=0777 0 0

I changes the kid and god to 48 (apache) but it does not help anyway.

Have you any advice for me?

Thank you!

RE: Network share - listy - 06-03-2020

Check permissions for /media/assets/temp/
Owner and etc

RE: Network share - Dag - 06-03-2020

I made mistake on god and did now it is set right Smile
But I get the broken link displayed. Have to check the other post about this issue I seen here.

RE: Network share - Dag - 06-03-2020

Now I can copy all the pictures but it will not be displayed.
The asset folder have permissions to tactic  but I get this

You don't have permission to access this resource.

when I copy the link of the picture and put it in the browser.
Under http.conf I set the Alias asset to the /media/share

Is this the right issue of apache?

RE: Network share - remkonoteboom - 06-03-2020

This seems to be an ongoing issue as can be seen in this thread, for reference:


Apache is very very very conservative when it comes to permissions. Absolutely everything has to be correct in the request chain or it simply will not serve out the image. Users, especially those not completely versed on web servers get stuck and frustrated at this stage. I am not sure how to make this easier more than our default "tactic" apache conf file example. If anybody has any ideas, I would welcome it.

Basically, for TACTIC to function with Apache, it is critical that it sees 2 folders:
1) context folder: ie: <TACTIC_INSTALL_DIR/src/context
2) assets folder: whatever is set up in the tactic-conf file.

As a starting set-up, I think people should forget about Apache and run TACTIC directly on port 80. It doesn't scale to production, but can certainly handle a few users. However, as soon as you need to scale bigger than that and load balance across multiple ports, something like apache is needed.