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Views - Dag - 05-31-2020


I do not have this sample projects in TACTIC 4.7.
Even when I load the Template VFX I have not the view introduced in in this video.
Is it a customised view?

Should I create for any project all the customisation or can I create a custom template for a project?


RE: Views - remkonoteboom - 06-01-2020

It is  a view from a customized project using an arbitrary sType (in this case it looks like it is pointing to a job table).  In the VFX module, however, both the "Shots" link and the "Assets" link in the sidebar would have these columns.  I have attached an image with a shot from the vanilla template (no configuration).  You can see that the view is similar to the view.

You can also add and remove columns to any table and save them as custom views.

You can find out how to manage the views here: