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Installation issue - Dag - 05-30-2020


I get this msg on installing Tactic

-bash-4.2$ python3 /opt/tactic/tactic/src/pyasm/search/upgrade/postgresql/bootstrap_load.py
WARNING: database library for default database [PostgreSQL] is not installed
Importing bootstrap ...
Error:  ERROR: database library for [PostgreSQL] is not installed
create:  createdb -h localhost -U postgres -p 5432 -E UNICODE "sthpw"
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/opt/tactic/tactic/src/pyasm/search/upgrade/postgresql/bootstrap_load.py", line 121, in <module>
  File "/opt/tactic/tactic/src/pyasm/search/upgrade/postgresql/bootstrap_load.py", line 49, in import_bootstrap
  File "/opt/tactic/tactic/src/pyasm/search/database_impl.py", line 1919, in create_database
    raise Exception("Error creating database '%s': %s" % (database, stderr))
Exception: Error creating database 'sthpw': b'createdb: Erzeugen der Datenbank ist fehlgeschlagen: FEHLER:  Datenbank \xc2\xbbsthpw\xc2\xab existiert bereits\n'

RE: Installation issue - remkonoteboom - 05-31-2020

it seems you are missing the database connector to PostgreSQL. It is called psycopg2

From our docs,


"You will also need a Python DB connectivity module. For PostgreSQL, use psycopg2 and for MySQL use mysqlclient"

I can see that this module is not explicitly listed in the list of required modules and kind of mentioned afterwards. This is because the module will depend on the database you use, but I can see how it can be missed. We'll try to make it clearer on the documentation.

RE: Installation issue - Dag - 05-31-2020

Okay, I'm not familiar with Linux. Have some little experience with the Terminal on MacOS but it is not enough to go in deep of such installation problems :/
Meanwhile I decided to run the test environment in the delivered VM.

The advice in the other post about infrastructure and the storage directories takes some mind problems away.

Thank you.

RE: Installation issue - remkonoteboom - 05-31-2020

Linux is generally the way to go Wink

However, TACTIC will run quite well on Windows and MacOS should it be required. The Python modules are the same and can be installed with "pip".