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Infrastructure question - Dag - 05-30-2020


is here somebody who is good in network-infrastructure-solutions?
So I'm afraid my Synology is to weak to handle the Tactic app.
I want to do following scenario:

Standalone CentOS Server (should just store the Database, web service and TACTIC)
the files to store should be stored on my NAS.
The connection between NAS and CentOS is dedicated and will be run with 1GB.
The web interface on CentOS is connected to the Network to get access from user.

Now the one million question - HOW?

I'm not completely dummy user and can make some things with networks but for this are my shoes to small.

I would be very glad to get some advices (maybe some documentation).

Thank you all in advance!!!!!


RE: Infrastructure question - remkonoteboom - 05-31-2020

I am not sure what Synology is, so I can't really comment on why it would be too "weak" for TACTIC.  The only problem could be with either bandwidth or with latency.  As long as the technology maps to the OS as a drive, it should work fine.  Celton has mentioned that he has used TACTIC connected to AWS S3.

The basic requirement is that the system can be mounted on the server which is visible and readable/writeble by TACTIC and supports basic Python OS commands such as os.path.exists, os.listdir, shutil.copy, shutil.move and shutil.makedirs.  There maybe a few others, but we really have left it up to the OS and Python to deal with the particulars of accessing the file-system.  This has lead to a plethora of TACTIC implementations on all kinds of devices.

So, just mount the NAS to a path on the drive and create a folder that is used by TACTIC


I would put both the assets folder and the temp folder there.  These can be configured in the TACTIC config file located in:


If you don't know where yours is set to, it is usually printed when running TACTIC from the command line:

[tactic@localhost bin]$ python startup_dev.py

Data Directory [/opt/tactic/tactic_data]
WARNING: stripe module cannot be found
WARNING: stripe module cannot be found
Asset Directory [/home/tactic/assets]
Temp Directory [/home/tactic/tactic_temp]
Config path [/opt/tactic/tactic_data/config/tactic-conf.xml]
Registering project ... admin
Initializing Workflow Engine
Starting Scheduler ....

Starting TACTIC v4.8.0.b01 ...

The first line shows the folder you need.

Finally, all of our system documentation can be found here:


and you can always ask questions here.

RE: Infrastructure question - Dag - 05-31-2020

Thank you!
Sounds to be easier as I thought Smile