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Docs using mkdocs - remkonoteboom - 05-25-2020

Most of the old TACTIC docs have been moved to use mkdocs and has been published on the community site.


Take a look.  This new docs framework is superior in many ways.  It looks and feels better and has search capabilities.  There is still a lot of work to be done. This is mostly a straight port and all the images still reflect the old interface. There is still a link to the old docs on the new page should you need them.

There is also a new repository specifically for TACTIC documentation on GitHub, which can be found here:


If you find any errors please report the the issues on the issues section of the repository.  Or if you feel so inclined, you can contribute by making changes on a fork and submitting a pull request.  Mkdocs is really easy to create docs, even for relatively non-technical people.

RE: Docs using mkdocs - listy - 05-25-2020

That's a lot of work! Wow!
Thank You!

RE: Docs using mkdocs - Diego - 05-26-2020

Great! Thank you Remko!

RE: Docs using mkdocs - Nachogor - 05-26-2020