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Tactic 4.5 Template to 4.7 - Nachogor - 05-19-2020

Hi all!

I'm working with tactic 4.7 VM using our Project Template from 4.5, and everything seems to work, but in the projects window I can see a RED light on Database Version 4.5.0.v01. Should this be a problem?!

I also fixed the way the Nodes are related to the Status pipelines, but I can't update a template from Project Templates. I hit the disk Icon and the message asking to Update the project zip appears, but nothing happens when clicking OK. The message doesn't dissapear and the zip is not created. Anyone having the same issue?


RE: Tactic 4.5 Template to 4.7 - Diego - 05-19-2020

 regarding the "RED light" you can update the DB running:

su - apache -c 'python /home/apache/tactic/src/bin/upgrade_db.py --project project_code'

(change path, user and project_code accordingly to your installation)

Regarding project template consider migrating to plugins. Check http://forum.southpawtech.com/showthread.php?tid=114

RE: Tactic 4.5 Template to 4.7 - remkonoteboom - 05-19-2020

Can you run the TACTIC server in debug mode?

Go to <TACTIC_INSTALL_DIR>/src/bin

And run:

python3 startup_dev.py -p <PORT>

In this way you can run an instance of TACTIC on any port. It's great for debugging a live server without shutting down the main ones. If you not actually on the server, you may have to specify a domain name or IP

python3 startup_dev.py -p <PORT> -s <DOMAIN_OR_IP>

Go to this port explicitly in the url


You should see output on the console. Any errors will show up here.

Alternatively, you could look in the exception_log table in the sthpw database. A lot of work was done in 4.7 concerning dumping any stack traces to this table.

RE: Tactic 4.5 Template to 4.7 - Nachogor - 05-19-2020

Thanks to Diego and Remko for your answers and for the great patience!

I'll answer not to be rude, but I still need to google to try to find answers:

When trying to run

su - apache -c 'python /home/apache/tactic/src/bin/upgrade_db.py --project project_code'
I get errors because script fails by not finding pyasm when importing.

As for startup_dev.py I could start the console (Yeahhhhhhh!!!!!!) after doing a chmod -R 777 for tactic_temp and tactic_data I can reproduce the error attached in the txt file.

Is there a guide to learn how to convert a template into a plugin?

Thanks again!!!!

RE: Tactic 4.5 Template to 4.7 - remkonoteboom - 05-20-2020

You found a python 3 bug. Thanks. I have fixed it and committed to Github


RE: Tactic 4.5 Template to 4.7 - Nachogor - 05-20-2020

Thanks to you Remko!

Anyway I´m quite interested in generating project as you did with the plugin method. I´ll try to recreate my template as in https://github.com/Southpaw-TACTIC/TACTIC/tree/4.8/src/plugins/TACTIC/vfx/