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change preview image issues - EricTsuei - 05-13-2020

I am using tactic4.5 and chrome.
and try to make my custom VFX template project. not by using VFX template.zip file.

So I create a clean windows server and reinstall everything. both pgsql and apache version are the same.
and tactic works.

so I try to move the asset and temp folder, from "c:\programdata\"  to "D:\tactic_asset\"
I change this setting in tactic page:  admin/link/system_config, then save.

But I can't check-in or change preview images anymore.

So I change the all the path back to c:\programdata\

Still can't check-in or change preview images. 

But I can check-in or change preview images in another tactic server which I already in use for 3 projects.

So I copy the file " C:/ProgramData/Southpaw/Tactic/config/tactic-conf.xml " from my old tactic server to the new one.

But still Can't.

seems tactic already make the ticket folder in " C:\ProgramData\Southpaw\tactic_temp\upload\ " but there's no images in them. seems upload fail.

here is the part of the log file I found in "C:\ProgramData\Southpaw\tactic_temp\log" please see the attachment.

one more, I am not testing check-in or change preview image before I change path setting in this new server. I tested in the old server and works.

RE: change preview image issues - listy - 05-13-2020

Tactic searhing for
Have you changed all env configs? Like TACTIC_DATA_DIR ?

RE: change preview image issues - EricTsuei - 05-13-2020

please tell me where to set this: TACTIC_DATA_DIR
and I have reset the path to default , but still can't

RE: change preview image issues - listy - 05-13-2020

"Start > Control Panel > System and Security> System > Advanced system settings"

This is from docs: http://community.southpawtech.com/docs/sys-admin/install-tactic-windows-server/

RE: change preview image issues - remkonoteboom - 05-13-2020

When you check in a file from a browser, it first uploads to the tactic_temp directory which you said you changed in the config file. Your error suggests it is in:


which seems to be the folder you set it to in your config. Is this the path that is currently in your config? Or is it still the old one (C:\ProgramData etc)? Normally, it doesn't matter where the temp folder it is writable. It seems like it is uploading the file to one path (either a different path or failing due to permissions and not reporting) and checking in from another.

I don't think the TACTIC processes cache the temp file, but to make sure, shut down all of the python processes and see if the same problems happens.

RE: change preview image issues - EricTsuei - 05-14-2020

what's the right way to change the asset folder path?
I have reinstall tactic and now can upload images, but it's still in c:\programdata\tactic

RE: change preview image issues - remkonoteboom - 05-14-2020

All you should need to do is change it in your TACTIC config file:

For example:

This should just work. However, bear in mind that when uploading from the browser, it uploads it to the temp folder first:


This doesn't really matter where it is as it should all be handled automatically. However, for performance reasons, you may want to keep the temp folder on the same partition as the assets folder because on check-in, TACTIC will "move" the file. This is a very fast operation both paths are on the same partition, otherwise, the OS will be forced to copy the file and delete.