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TACTIC 4.8 Related Thoughts - listy - 05-08-2020

Hi, Tacticians!
Since the TACTIC 4.8 is already as close to the production state as possible, I have a few thoughts that I want to share.
  • First, it would be good to have a roadmap for development, stages and final goals. So anyone can see the plans, and can decide whether version of TACTIC he should use.
  • The Second should i create a thread where i can post small glitches and annoying bugs i find in tactic? This concerns both switching to python 3 and changing the UI. In many places, the UI looks incomplete and "floating".
  • The Third - once the transition to the bootstrap is done, it would be good to make a basic example theme, with an use examples of Botstrap components and how they interact with the TACTIC.

What you think?

RE: TACTIC 4.8 Related Thoughts - remkonoteboom - 05-09-2020

Yes, admittedly we be a little lax in producing a roadmap, mostly because for the last two years, development of TACTIC has largely been driven by our customers and individual requests from the open source community. In particular, the open source VFX module has been largely untouched for years and I am sure there are improvements that could be made. Currently only TACTIC itself has be updated, but the VFX template has not.

At present, 4.8 has largely been a move towards Bootstrap Material Design and the beginning of implementing significant security improvements (although, this hasn't been a priority for 4.8, many parts have been improved)

As for reporting issues, I have started (very recently) to use github for a public place for this:


This will work for now, however I would like to keep this for items that are clearly issues and not a place to discuss functionality. The forum should be reserved for that. We'll see how that works.