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Pgadmin4 with Fedora 30 - Nachogor - 05-07-2020

Hi everyone!

We are updating from Tactic 4.5 to 4.7 and while testing VM Tactic we found really hard to install PGAdmin 4 with Fedora 30. Did anyone succeed to install PGAdmin4 to access Postgre DB or does anyone have any other better option to PGadmin?

Thanks very much!

RE: Pgadmin4 with Fedora 30 - Diego - 05-07-2020

It should be easy with virtualenv:

Create e virtualnev:
# virtualenv pgadmin4

Activate it:
# source pgadmin4/bin/activate

Install pgadmin4 (check the last version, just now is v4.21)
# pip install https://ftp.postgresql.org/pub/pgadmin/pgadmin4/v4.21/pip/pgadmin4-4.21-py2.py3-none-any.whl

create a config file in pgadmin4/lib/python3.7/site-packages/pgadmin4/config_local.py with something like (use the python version you have in path python3.X/site-packages):

import os
DATA_DIR = os.path.realpath(os.path.expanduser(u'~/.pgadmin/'))
LOG_FILE = os.path.join(DATA_DIR, 'pgadmin4.log')
SQLITE_PATH = os.path.join(DATA_DIR, 'pgadmin4.db')
SESSION_DB_PATH = os.path.join(DATA_DIR, 'sessions')
STORAGE_DIR = os.path.join(DATA_DIR, 'storage')

Launch it:
# python pgadmin4/lib/python3.6/site-packages/pgadmin4/pgAdmin4.py

for production use you should configure an apache front end as you do for tactic.

RE: Pgadmin4 with Fedora 30 - Nachogor - 05-07-2020

Thanks very mucho Diego!
Didn't try with virtualenv and I was always missing packages! Great help!!!!