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about security rules - EricTsuei - 04-30-2020

Can I disable edit when a task's status is approved?

something like this:

<rule group="element" search_type="sthpw/task" key="bid_end_date" column="status" value="Approved" access="view"/>

so when "status" is "Approved", no one in this group can edit this "bid_end_date" anymore.
this code works without  '  column="status" value="Approved"  '

RE: about security rules - listy - 04-30-2020

You can add trigger (js), which will be fired when status change is made, and check the user who made a change doesn't allowed, and reject transaction.

RE: about security rules - EricTsuei - 05-06-2020

ok, I'll try it