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First test with tactic - ederjagreda - 04-27-2020

Hello guys!!!

I have been in this forum, for almost a month already I guess, asking for many questions Blush, but today, its just to show you a video from a test using tactic, and a tool,which we use with ftrack, in the studio I work for. The idea is to use it with tactic.

Hope you like it, and if you think something can be improved, please let me know.



RE: First test with tactic - TomTomTom - 04-28-2020

Smile Very nice, great to see your result, I am just kicking into Tactic now for fashion CG pipeline use. Getting into some customization of the layouts to map to a wider system of distributed catalog use. So seeing some custom utility tools to speed up the use is excellent to see. I opted for 4.5 but were also looking into the 4.7b server install as well. I am assuming 4.5 is more stable than 4.7 and that most of what we do with testing under 4.5 will work on 4.7b ?

RE: First test with tactic - listy - 04-28-2020

What a great tool!

RE: First test with tactic - remkonoteboom - 04-28-2020

Thanks for showing that, Eder. It's always great to see how people are using the software.

@TomTomTom: For the most part, everything that works in 4.5 should work in 4.7, but there may be subtle differences. There are a lot of bug fixes between those versions, but the main difference is that 4.7 is Python3 compatible. Version 4.8 has move to a completely different UI, so alignment of custom interfaces may change, however, functionality should be backwards compatible. If you do find any differences though, you can always ask on the forum.

RE: First test with tactic - ederjagreda - 04-28-2020

I am  glad you like it!!.

so I m still doing some test, but  everything is going well.
The idea is for producers to create/edit projects and then from maya or other 3d apllication, artists  to query, update  or upload files to tactic using pyblish.

Now,  I am starting to test  how reviews work!!